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Alcohol and insomnia : alcohol makes you sleep better ?

Do alcohol and insomnia mix well ?

It is getting late, you have to wake up early tomorrow morning, and you think that a little glass of wine or two will help you fall asleep faster. You might think there is nothing wrong with this little habit, but did you know that alcohol is worse for your sleep quality than caffeine ?

Alcohol and Insomnia

There is two main reasons why NOT to drink alcohol before going to bed :

  1. alcohol will dehydrate the body
  2. alcohol produces adrenaline in the body

These are two factors that will guaranty you tossing and turning and keep you up during the night. It enables the body to fall into deep sleep – the most important stage of your sleep. It will probably also make you get up a few times during the night. You will need to go to drink some water and you will need to go to the bathroom !

alcohol and insomnia

There is many causes and many types of insomnia. If you know you have problems sleeping the last couple of days because you are living a stressful period, there is no problems taking a little alcohol to wind down and help relax a little. Alcohol is a well-known muscle relaxant. But do it early in the evening and allow yourself to calm down. Avoid alcohol within 2 hours of bedtime and don’t make it a habit. Alcohol and insomnia do not mix very well.

Doctors used to suggest alcohol as a sleep aid (!), but we now know that alcohol will disturb your sleep and not “restore” your body like natural sleep.

But don’t be in denial. If you are chronically suffering from insomnia and taking alcohol to help you sleep, you are in an unhealthy vicious cycle. The alcohol will then be causing your insomnia.

If you drink regularly, even just one drink per day, you might have problems sleeping when you stop drinking also. Insomnia caused by alcohol withdrawal is temporary but can last up to a few weeks.

Yes, we do feel more sleepy with alcohol, but it is not a solution if you are suffering from insomnia. It also enables the body to fall into deep sleep. You might fall asleep faster, but you are sacrificing your quality of sleep and will feel “drained” in the morning. Alcohol and insomnia do not mix very well.

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